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Welcome To Where Eagles Fly Home Page!

*NEWS 7/19/07 - Check out our What's New page to find out this year's United Together in Rememberance of 9/11 event. 


Where Eagles Fly is a Christian support group for military men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our goal is to let the troops know that they are loved and in our prayers. We also wish to show the citizens of these war torn countries that we love them.

How do we do this?

We send the troops items such as Beanies Babies to give to the children. Children learn by what they see and these gifts are a universal way of bridgeing the language barrier and show love.

We also supply holiday and birthday cards for the troops to send home as there is often little time to write and this way their loved ones know they are thought of.

Also, any and all donations we recieve are tax deductable for we are a non-profit organization.



Supporting this ministry is a blessing to all. The soldiers are strengthened in spirit with this show of love and support. Their families as well when they recieve a card from their child that has been supplyed by a caring person.

Moreover, the Iraqi children are touched by the small presents they recieve. Not only does it show them the love of God that they might never have seen before, but it could possibly save lives.

For more on that, see our about page!





Beanie Babies such as those pictured are perfect to send over for the Iraqi children!